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This is Niall's results after his 2nd plan - now 25lbs down!

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The result of 2 months on the online plan and being a regular at 30+Bootcamp

James - Newport
James got super lean in just 21 days with a massive improvement in muscle and posture

'Ice Mike Walmsley',
40, Fundraiser

"My wife is loving my new muscles!"

I started training with Mark a few months ago with the intention of losing 2 stone before my 40th birthday.

What can I say, Ive achieved my goal, feel incredible, have more energy than ever and my wife is loving my new muscles!

Armed with the fitness and nutrition tools to move forward I am no longer concerned about my health in the long term.

Thanks Mark its been a real pleasure training with you!

Jamie Morgan,
35, operations manager

"Just take a look at my photo and go for it"

I've been having personal training with Mark since November 2011 and using the amazing 30 Plus Formula., In that time I've lost over 3 stone and I'm now training for the Cardiff half marathon! I remember thinking when I first met Mark that I couldn't wait to write a statement like this talking about how much weight id been able to lose. Well now I'm writing this statement it's not the weight that important its the increase in confidence and happiness that I now enjoy.

It took a while but I eventually joined the  30+ Bootcamp too and Im just disappointed I didn't do it earlier as  they are a fantastic group of lads who encourage and support you.

Finally if your sat there reading this and are sceptical about Mark's methods, just take a look at my photos and go for it. Im still a work in progress and the best is yet to come but with the 30 plus Formula I know im going to achieve my long term health and fat loss goals.

Much Love Mark, from your friend Jamie Morgan (aka the ginger ninja!)

Ed Pereira
35, Business owner

"I've lost over 2 stone... the 30 plus formula works"

Started training with Mark in January 2012. At the time I was tired, stressed out, not sleeping great and seriously unfit.

On top of all that I was as weak as a kitten, I couldnt even do a squat with my legs caving in. However just 7 months on as you can see from my before and after pictures I am literally flying. Ive lost over 2 stone, my asthma has packed up and Im managing the day to day running of a busy, successful business a lot more comfortably. Ive joined the 30 plus Bootcamp and taken my fitness to a new level, the 30 plus formula works!

I thought my best days were passed me, thankfully they were not!

Thanks Mark, much love Ed (The Uruguyan Flier!)

Curon Evans
40 , school teacher

"I'm delighted with the results"

The formula clearly works, and I think one of the best things is that you never feel deprived. The protein shake feels like a sweet treat and I also wolfed copious amounts of peanut butter down, sometimes a pot every two days. But it was all good fat and protein which I needed for energy sustenance. I have taken so much with me into my everyday life. Not eating 3 hours before join to bed. Lemon slices in hot water instead of coffee. (I have dumped coffee.)

The exercise is tough but manageable, and I'm delighted with the results. Feeling and looking leaner. Using the 30plus Formula with everyone else at Bootcamp helps foster a feeling that we are all in this together. Being accountable helps me stay focused. I feel younger and more vibrant than ever and looking to up my game even more now!

"Curon talks about his experiences at 30+ Bootcamp and the new online programme"

Tomas Crandon 33 (Dentist)

"Losing 5 stone couldn't have been done without Mark's help"

I've lost 5 stone in 10 months and my life has been totally transformed! I have learnt that Nutrition is key to a healthy mind and body. Health can be improved by exercise but with the correct Nutrition and Exercise the results you can achieve are phenomenal.

Before I stared this new lifestyle I don't think I ever drank a glass of water. Now I’m drinking around 4 litres of water during the day and feel rotten without it.

The foods that I used to eat used to give me short term happiness; this was the inevitable cause of my demise and weight gain. It took me a few months to realise that bad food didn’t make me happy, in fact, quite the opposite.

To say that Mark and his 30 plus formula has changed my life is an understatement. Before meeting Mark I was morbidly obese, constantly tired and constantly grouchy. I took no pride in myself, and even though I was very sociable in and out of work I was unhappy and lacked confidence. I would shroud my lack of confidence with flippant remarks about myself or other people and have a generally 'cocky' demeanour.

Losing 5 stone couldn't have been done without Mark's help. He has remained supportive, focused, and realistic and above all has never waned in enthusiasm for the love of his job and results nutrition and exercise can achieve.

I haven't always been the perfect client either! There are times when my weight loss plateaus and Mark continues to support me and point me in the right direction for results again!

As a direct result of my weight loss and improved fitness I have become a different person in a good way! I sleep better, concentrate more and am a more pleasant person to be around. Frequently friends tell me that even though I was nice before I have now become a nicer and more level headed character and less judgmental. Comments like this even though gratefully received it just makes me look back at what I was like before in disgust and horror! Onwards and upwards!

Tim Walsh (36, project manager)

"... very noticeable changes in my body shape and lifestyle"

Getting involved with 30+Bootcamp has seriously changed my life. For years I was going to the same old gym, doing the same old workout, seeing the same old faces and seeing little result. A friend of mine gave me the heads-up to 30+ and after a couple of informal friendly email exchanges with Mark I found myself in a field on a sunny Saturday morning taking part in a free trial session. The welcome and banter with the other lads was second to none but most of all the workout we were all put through was top draw, much better than any gym session I had previously done.

I made the decision there and then to end my gym membership and sign up with 30+. Within 24 hours I had been emailed a whole raft of information on good and bad foods, diet plans, advice on choosing the right supplements, access to a number of body weight workout videos to do at home and much more. All this combined with attending two bootcamps per week resulted in some very quick, very noticeable changes in my body shape and lifestyle.

I now feel lighter, stronger, more confident, healthier and have a much improved knowledge of nutrition - I can't recommend the 30+ formula highly enough.

"Check out Tim smash out a 250 rep kettlebell workout. Zero boring exercises here lads!"

Huw Payne

"30+ Bootcamp has changed my life"

I started training with 30 Plus Boot camp over 2 years ago now and have never felt better! When I originally spoke to Mark on the phone and told him I was running 100 miles a week to try and shed some excess fat from the excesses of Xmas, I was shocked when he told me I didn't need to! When he went on to explain the 30 plus formula and its methods I have to admit I was a little sceptical. However, from the very first session I could see that this was different to anything I'd done before, and soon enough the results started to come and quickly.

I was amazed that I could burn so much fat working out using some simple bodyweight circuits! Coupled with that, whilst I found it tough to say goodbye to as much as running as I'd previously done I actually became fitter using the short bursts of interval training at Boot camp and started to smash my previous distance times whenever I revisited an old route! The 30 Plus formula is FANTASTIC! And I could never have imagined how far I could push myself if it wasn’t for Mark and his boot camps - cheers coach!

I had weighed in at 13.2 stone when I started with Mark, and whilst my fitness was generally good with my running, I am now weighing in at 11.8, the healthiest I have been since I was in school. Not only have I lost some pounds, I have toned, improved my fitness levels and changed my eating habits to coincide with my training. In August 2011 I even had an alcohol free month before my holiday to Ibiza (I am not proud to say this but that was probably the first time I have gone without a drink for a long long time) and in January 2012 Mark introduced me to a 28 day detox, and I actually lost 3% body fat in this period.

30+ bootcamp has changed my life, I eat healthier foods, drink less alcohol, have more energy and I am now happier in my outlook towards life.

Thank you Coach, not just for the training but for being a good mate too.

Huw "the" Payne

"Check out Huw go through this tough 200 rep challenge, zero equipment needed!"

Shaun Welsh
40, Construction Company Owner

"Perfect for a complete novice"

I'd always thought I was pretty fit having been a regular gym goer for most of my life, I was however in for a huge shock after my first ever 30plus Boot camp session!

Exercises that looked easy on paper involving just my own bodyweight had me blowing hard! When I got home my wife looked at me and said "You've been sat there for over an hour and you are still sweating, I've never known a workout do that to you in 10 years!"

I'd never really trained my legs before in my life but Mark explained that it was key as simply by working the legs allows the rest of your body to develop. From that point on squats, lunges, jumps and hill sprints became my new found friend! My body became even leaner and my energy, which is needed with 3 young children running around and a business to run, went through the roof.

What I love about the 30plus formula is the simplicity of the exercises used, combined in a way which gives you such a great workout when on paper it would seem pretty easy it actually isn't at all. That said it is perfect for a complete novice as you can just go at your own pace and then build up as you become fitter and stronger. Thanks coach!

Simon Player
35, Solicitor

"I haven't felt as good or positive as I do at the moment"

For the last few months I have been attending 30plus Boot camp and following the 30 plus formula. I was serious about losing weight and had struggled with weight gain and loss throughout my adult life. I am actually stunned at the results already the weight has literally dropped of me and my clothes feel looser and the old pot belly has disappeared. Mark is the man behind the training and nutrition plan which he has created with busy dads and career guys like me in mind.

I don’t feel hungry as I am eating so often and feel really positive about and am focused and motivated to reach my target weight. I haven't felt as good or positive as I do at the moment -; I just want to say a big thanks to him.

Ryan Pitt
33, Business Owner

"...led me to lose 15lbs"

After 2 years of doing nothing but work and being depressed I got involved on the recent 30 plus Mens Fitness detox challenge. I knew this was going to be hard and the first few days were tough and I really couldn't be bothered to do it! However by day 3 I was looking forward to the challenges set! When I looked at the diet plan I thought there was no way I could do it and that I'd be hungry all the time but this wasn't the case at all, in fact I was never hungry at all - the plan works !!!

After the first week I found the nutrition and workouts alot easier and i couldn't actually believe I lost 10lbs in 7 days ... The second week I was so much happier and my body was starting to change shape, I could even see my abbs which I don't think I've seen for about 5 years! This was a massive wake up call for me and which has led me to lose 15lbs weight loss over all, but not only that, I feel healthier, have more energy and am finally in control of what I eat!

Thankyou Mark for all your hard work with this plan - the 30 plus formula works and is something that is now integrated into my everyday life....

Mark Lewis
39, Works In Media

"... feeling better mentally and physically than I have for over a decade"

Getting involved in 30 Plus Bootcamp and following the 30 plus formula training and nutrition methods has been the best decision ever. I actually can't quite believe how it's affected me. Bundles more energy, shorter recovery time, cheerier even. It makes complete sense too. If I look at my lifestyle and the way I was fuelling it, it's no wonder I've just had a chest infection for about 8 weeks.

I'm determined not to go back now. And I actually find it cheaper than eating junk the whole time. Because how many crap things to we compulsively consume that don't register when we're toting up our food bill? Combining honesty and determination with Mark's information and inspiration I'm feeling better mentally and physically than I have for over a decade. Big Thanks :)

Steve Robson
39, Media Guru

"You will feel healthier and more alive than ever"

I've been overweight since I was about 14 and struggling to get rid of the extra weight through exercise for about 5 years now. A few week following this plan has finally got my BMI to below 25 so thanks Mark, I'm now officially "not overweight"!! Not only that I can now do 100 push ups! I feel great.

I'm alert, happy and full of energy. It wasn't easy but then what in life is. I'd recommend everyone give this a go even if they're not carrying a few extra pounds, you will feel healthier and more alive than ever.

Matt Joy
36, Risk Assessor

"I decreased both my body and visceral fat"

I have been a 30 Plus Bootcamper since the day it started in 2010 and its totally changed my life. More recently I got involved in a group detox plan lost 5 and a half pounds in 2 weeks, but more importantly for me I decreased both my body and visceral fat. The first week was tough, but after this I felt more alert, leaner and fitter than ever.

I enjoyed all the extra training the detox includes and found I was able to train more intensely through improved nutrition, with quicker recovery times. My future nutritional choices will improve as a result of this detox. I strongly recommend the 30 plus formula to any guy over the age of 30 who believes his best years are past him, trust me they are not!

Thankyou Mark

"Check out Matt smashing out a 4 minute, easy to follow bodyweight workout!"

Mark Lloyd
37, IT Project Management Consultant

"If you see me running with the dog nowadays the dog gets bored every 5 mins"

As a regular at 30 Plus Bootcamp I would like to say the following things about what it's done for me...


I feel stronger, am stronger and feel fitter. I've also had time to step back and realise that recently I bench, pressed 105kg without a dirty fizzy sports drink, pizza, pasta, bread, doughy carb in sight. My energy and power all coming from the 30plus plan I have been following. I have had comments from family and friends that I look slimmer and at 37 you have to realise that your not going back to a 30" waist unless a Hollywood producer is looking for a loud, intelligent, handsome Welshman.


This is the bit I've enjoyed the most. Here are the facts...if you have a career and a young family, you WILL NOT have time to train like you used to or be able to train at those times. You can either go to Argos, buy some weights, use them twice or sign up to a gym, use it for a month, or alternatively try some of the stuff that 30plus is about.... Try it.

Fact is, if you see me running with the dog nowadays the dog gets bored every 5 mins as I'm always stopping for a plank, burpee, squat, lunge. My back garden has also taken a battering from my body weight work outs.

So... Mentally

I am more alert and am being a bigger pain in the arse than I normally am (Coach sometimes calls me the menace - and over recent months I have been full of "Mo-Jo"! - well sorry Mark, it's your fault for making me eat better!). So there is defiantly something to be said out this lifestyle/diet being linked to a feeling of wellbeing.


Post meal times have been very interesting as most noticeable I have not had post meal dips in energy and alertness. I have also had almost unbearable amounts of energy in the mornings - which is great when you have a young family like me and a very stressful career involving long hours.

How many of us actually learn about how the shite that we fill our diet with every day actually effect us?.. . Replacing some (not all - I am bloody human) with a variety of Coconut oil, protein shakes, veg, organic peanut butter, almond butter, nuts and seeds, fruit - has really made me evaluate my eating habits. Because I feel better its also made me interested in what's doing this!

So...going forward.

1) I have a mental "tool box" of body weight workouts I can do anywhere/anytime.
2) I have a new outlook on how to eat - which I will stick to say 70% of the time (sorry still got to have a drink and kebab now and again)
3) I am empowered to go further in achieving my fitness goals!!...............I also have a strange affiliation to Coconut oil and Almond Butter (you know what to get me for xmas)

Cheers Tregs...
Love you...
Lloydy x

Mark Ramskill
37, Internet Guru

"... I feel lighter, fresher and energised"

I began training with Mark in April 2008 and it's been a revelation! In four months I've gone from a flabby, tired, self-conscious 'blob', to a more toned, slimmer, happier, born again man!

Mark is exactly what I needed in a trainer. He's enthusiastic, cheerful and able to hit the right buttons to keep me motivated.

After much persuasion by Mark I finally go t involved with the 30 Plus Bootcamp and what a great decision that was, meeting new friends and taking my fitness to another level. I got involved in a recent 2 week detox plan and lost 7.6lb 1.6" off my waistline -- so chuffed! The 30 Plus formula has really helped me change the way I think about food and has given me bundles of motivation.

I won't lie and say it was easy. It wasn't, especially in the initial few days, but right now I feel lighter, fresher and energised. My training has improved in terms of stamina and recovery and I generally feel so much better about myself.

Mark, I can't thank you enough buddy!

Ed Cross
38, Works at the BBC

"... really worked for me"

I started training with Mark at the end of the 2011. 5 months later I am over a stone lighter, down 2 jeans sizes and I've just completed my first half marathon!

The combination of exercise and the right food has had a huge impact on my body and inevitably how I feel about myself. I feel fitter and I have more energy and my self-esteem has rocketed. Before I started training with Mark I couldn't wait to get home and hit the sofa with a DVD, I still do that but I will run 3 or 4 miles or head over to the gym for a training session before hand. The atmosphere at 30 Plus Boot camp is great, the banter is fun and the lads encourage you when you are feeling the

If you put the effort in you start to see results pretty quickly, which is a huge confidence boost in itself. I've been a member of a gym on and off for 10 years but it's the 30 Plus Men’s Fitness programme that has really worked for me. It's hard work, but it's worth it.

Karl Dutton
41, Finance Manager

"... the key ingredient in raising my personal fitness level"

The enthusiasm Mark has towards exercise combined with his motivational skills has been the key ingredient in raising my personal fitness levels and continues to do so.

For a while I was prone to injury which was frustrating. I have now been injury free for the longest time since beginning training over a year ago.

Understanding that to achieve advancement with any aspect of my training requires a balance between physical exercise and nutritional input. Explaining the technical aspect of my training has helped me to better understand how each element relates/contributes to overall success, I cannot thank Mark and his soon to be 30plus formula enough

Gerard Powell

"The Best Money I've Spent In A Long Time"

Many thanks again for your work, guidance and encouragement Mark. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to train in the right environment in order for me to apply myself.

Your whole approach was perfect for me and with your help I have achieved exactly what I set out to do, regain a decent level of fitness and kick on from there.

In short Mark the best feedback I can give you is when I asked myself the question; had I got value for my money? Yes, absolutely, and probably the best money I've spent in a long time, what price health and fitness eh?

It is also now a pleasure to help you out with the coaching from time to time at Bootcamp. Viva 30+!!

"Check out Gerard go through a tough bodweight accumulator challenge, no equipment needed but a serious burner!"

George Fusneica
32, A&E doctor

"The 30 Plus Formula WORKS!"

I started personal training with Mark, then 30 plus Boot camp and 6 months down the line I have lost 25kg!.

Moving from barely running 300 meters to:
5k in 34 minutes
10k in 1hr 10
Rowing 1k in 3.22
Cycling 30-40 km in one go with no effort!

I feel great!

Another 25 coming down and I am happy!

Many thanks to Mark Tregilgas, my dear friend, and all the guys at the Boot camp that supported me throughout!

The 30 Plus Formula WORKS!

"Check out George in action here!"

Justin Roberts
45, Dentist

"I'm 2 stone lighter yet I've packed on a load of muscle"

I started training with Mark, initially as a one to one client around 18 months ago. With a young family and business to run my weight had crept up and up since quitting playing rugby 10 years earlier. I seriously thought my younger, leaner, fitter days were behind me and my self-confidence was very low. Mark got me moving with some of his simply 30 Plus formula bodyweight only circuits and I was literally sweating buckets and gasping for air. I couldn't believe how effective they were and all with no equipment! After a few months of conditioning I joined the Boot camp and never looked back! Not only did I make a whole new bunch of mates, I really started to take the nutrition seriously and as the fat started to melt off the intensity I could give to the workouts sky rocketed! Right now I'm 2 stone lighter yet I've packed on a load of muscle! Added to that I have tonnes of energy, never feel hungry and my self-confidence is through the roof. My business and family life has improved as a result of my new lifestyle, it's been a complete turnaround for the better. Every Monday I now get to battle the coach as we go head to head in a throw down during my PT session and I never thought I’d be able to train at such an intensity! Absolutely buzzing, the 30Plus formula is life changing!

Cheers Tregs!

Anthony Lee
33, Sales

"You can't out-train a bad diet"

Following on from a back operation in February 2007, feeling out of shape and having put on over 2 stone, I decided that I needed some help. I contacted Mark, after looking at several fitness websites.

It was clear to me from the start that not only did Mark clearly know his stuff, but he had a real passion for fitness and I would feel comfortable with him training me. He set out the initial plan to condition my body ready for the serious training.

It's fair to say that during the conditioning phase I was pleasantly surprised with the variation of the function exercise that I was performing. This variation continued when we moved on to weight lighting which is something that I particularly enjoyed.

Moving on to the 30plus Bootcamps and what a fantastic idea to get a group of likeminded people together to exercise. Again having the exercised based games and challenges provide that extra motivation.

During the time that I trained with Mark (2.5 years) he not only provided the support and technical knowledge in the gym he backed it up with life style and nutritional advise with the saying "you can't out train a bad diet" All of which helped me achieve my goals of bulking up muscle mass and reducing fat.

Even though I have now moved away I continue to use the 30Plus formula and its methods day in, day out.

Geraint Owen Evans
34, Businessman

"Always excellent and informative"

The sessions are always excellent and informative and never repetitive unless absolutely necessary!

I enjoy aspects of the training even when it's very tough and Mark's prison circuit is not for the feint hearted!

I've constantly achieved the goals we set at beginning and have learnt many new things along the way. I've enjoyed new types of training using the 30plus bodyweight routines and rotation work for core stability

Thanks so much Mark, just keep on doing what you're doing, keep motivating and stay inspiring. You are on the road to being the best in the business

Daffyd Stone
30, Business Owner

30+ Men's Fitness came to the rescue

In my early to mid twenties I led a relatively active lifestyle, mostly playing football and squash on a weekly basis. However, as my career progressed I became increasingly bogged down with office-based responsibilities which seemed to sap away all of my time and energy.

In the four-year period leading up to my 30th birthday, the exercise gradually became more infrequent and I ended up putting on 3 stone. I constantly felt run down, tired, de-motivated and generally lacking in energy. I ate and drank what I wanted, when I wanted... Including daily visits to Greggs and at least two heavy drinking sessions per week.

Something needed to change, and that’s where 30+ Men's Fitness came to the rescue. I honestly can't thank Mark enough for the advice and guidance he has given me since we started our weekly class. Every week, the intensity of our fitness session is upped a little to keep us on our toes, but I have to say I’ve genuinely never felt better in my life!

Yes, I have had to make some sweeping changes in my diet and lifestyle, but it's 100% been worth it. I've traded the pints and pasties in for push-ups and planks, and now I'm up early with a spring in my step. I feel stronger, faster an fitter than I ever have in my life.

Richard Fletcher

"A few words about 30+ Men's Fitness Detox Challenge"

I got involved in the 28 Day Challenge during September. I needed a reason to lay off the alcohol which has always been a bit of an issue as far as my weight and general health were concerned. I knew Mark from along time ago (he was actually a nightclub photographer for me when I ran a Clublife Publication).

I have to say, as someone who likes to do a bit in the kitchen, I found it pretty enjoyable!! I invested in Marks recipe book so that I was never short of ideas and found a few staple favourites that I got pretty expert in making (turkey and pesto burgers being my all-time fave)

I am a plasterer by trade and am currently setting up a second company so I'll put my hands up and say that I did nearly none of the exercise programme. I did manage a few mins of tabata training and a few bike rides but my job is heavy anyway so I don't sit around at a desk all day.

I'm pleased to say that I actually won the challenge, shedding 11K over the 28days, that's about one and a half stones in old money!! Check my before and after shots to see how it worked for me.

I won't lie, not drinking for the month wasn't easy but after the first weekend it got to be the norm.

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to see a change in themselves. You’ll feel amazing during and after and hopefully pick up some good habits that will stay with you for life.

"Hope you enjoyed the videos pictures and testimonials, don't forget to enter your details above to apply and I can't wait to see you inside the programme!"

Coach Tregs!